Monday, August 25, 2008

Parelli choices...

Well my husband decided to move us to NC and I had to leave my Misty in Florida until I could find a place to board her, someone to ship her and until we got settled. Well I was heart broken and felt lost and out of control of my horse.. I didnt know how she was, if she was being a good girl and if she was enjoying the kids riding her. Well FINALLY in March all of the above came in line!! Misty was in NC and I was SOOO happy! She was a little skinny and SOO happy to see me.. I swear I was gonna cry.. I know Im a sap over my horse, but arent you? I kept Misty at that barn from hell for 4 months.. I couldnt get her to gain weight and was worried the other horses were going to hurt her really bad.. I went to see Parelli in Fletcher, NC and KNEW that was what we were gonna do! My hubby even said that he wanted to learn Parelli.. I was happy!!

In May of 2008 my hubby took a plane to Tx to see if he was able to be hired by KBR which is a civilian contractor for Iraq. He got the job and deployed to Iraq.. In June he got paid and I got my level 1 and offically started my journey..

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