Monday, August 25, 2008

Parelli choices...

Well my husband decided to move us to NC and I had to leave my Misty in Florida until I could find a place to board her, someone to ship her and until we got settled. Well I was heart broken and felt lost and out of control of my horse.. I didnt know how she was, if she was being a good girl and if she was enjoying the kids riding her. Well FINALLY in March all of the above came in line!! Misty was in NC and I was SOOO happy! She was a little skinny and SOO happy to see me.. I swear I was gonna cry.. I know Im a sap over my horse, but arent you? I kept Misty at that barn from hell for 4 months.. I couldnt get her to gain weight and was worried the other horses were going to hurt her really bad.. I went to see Parelli in Fletcher, NC and KNEW that was what we were gonna do! My hubby even said that he wanted to learn Parelli.. I was happy!!

In May of 2008 my hubby took a plane to Tx to see if he was able to be hired by KBR which is a civilian contractor for Iraq. He got the job and deployed to Iraq.. In June he got paid and I got my level 1 and offically started my journey..

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Beginning

Well I figured I would give this a shot. Im not good at keeping up on things like this but will try. :) Well lets see, I guess I should start at the beginning. I have been a horse crazy wild child sense before I can remember. I was told by my dad that I was riding at the age of 4. I rode a pony named Mustang Sally. Well My dad says that the heart attacks started there. lol He tells me that Sally spooked and took off with me. He said I stayed on. Ha I wish I still had that seat!

Well anyways, I contribute my love and absession of horses to my never being a troubled kid. I never had my own horse, my parents didnt think I would stay into horses. Boy were they wrong.. They leased a pony for me, and that was the best thing ever. Well when that ended I was in high school. I went a few years of riding everyone elses horses. And taking MULTIBLE flying lessons without a pilot. I had my confidence crushed finally after coming off a OTTB into a 4x4 post and almost breaking my back. I learned of parelli after that and before I had my 1st horse. That was in 2006. Let me tell ya that was life changing!!

I bought my 1st horse for $1-. The reason she was SO cheap was the fact that she had been in the pasture for 3 1/2 yrs with NO real human contact. YAY.. To my surprise, this sweet pony was just rusty. I was riding her in a day. Keep in mind I havent gotten my level 1. Well I went on a trail ride with my friend and her horse spooked, spun bucked and ditched her.. Well AJ took that flight mode and was outta there. She bucked me off and peeled out on my stomache. Here we were ditched, hurt, horseless and 2 miles from the barn on a trail that doesnt get ridden that much.. So we hobbled out, I swore my ribs were broken, I had a massive bump on my leg and a HUGE headache. I wasnt at all concerned about me.. lol All I could say was DANG IT SHE BROKE MY REINS, and OMG I hope my horse didnt get hit by a car. Well my friend had to jump infront of a truck to get him to stop and he looks at us and says the horses went that way.. Well DUH.. He agreed to give us a ride to the barn after Becca had the passenger door open and was pushing me in.. lol Well when we got to the barn there was Beccas horse being held by a lady.. My horse was NO WHERE TO BE SEEN.. I was in panic mode. Not thinkin about me being injuried I set out to look for AJ.. I swear my friend was gonna clobber me. She made me sit, which I couldnt do and she gathered AJ who was at the back of the fence close to I-95. Well then the lady informed us that she called 911. YAY.. lol

Finally the ambulance gets to the barn. They didnt give me a choice, they strapped me down and took me away. I couldnt breath on my back so they put oxygen on me. Didnt help, so I layed on my side.. MUCH better. Get to the Er, dr swore my leg was broken, even with me telling him there was NO way it was broken he wanted xrays anyways. HA NOT broken.. He was worried about my liver and splean. I had a cat scan & x-rays, Yep I have a brain!! No damage, I was LUCKY!!! Needless to say that helped ruin trails for me.. :)

Enter my life Mighty! My friend got this arab as a freebee, said he bucks.. Hmmm I have heard this MANY of times and have found it to be either false or due to facts that the horse was uncomfortable with the ill fittin saddle, rider fault, yada yada yada.. Well Kim rode him on the trails and he was perfect.. Stopped when asked walked on when asked.. She said he was a great horse.. HA I saddled him up and he was a good boy. Lead him to the area I was gonna ride and mounted up.. He stood like a champ. I leaned forward to pet his neck and he was fine.. I asked him to walk on and he stood. I asked firmer to walk on and he blew up into a bronc that you see on the PBR. I asked him to stop and it made him only buck harder. I swear he would have been a hell of a good saddle bronc!! Well anyways, he was TRYING to run me into the trees, so I bailed.. He tried to land on me and would have if I didnt roll outta the way.. He continued to buck the 100 feet to the gate and stopped stood and looked at me.. Acted as though I was laying on the ground to get a sun tan and he was waiting to be rode... I swear that horse was out to seriously hurt me.. Needless to say I didnt trust many horses after that..

After that Kim bought a high strung mis understood appaloosa mare named Misty. Kim didnt like how she rode, wanted to go go go and not stop, and hated to be held back hated being last.. Well you get the picture.. She was such a sweet mare on the ground, but she was a hot head under saddle.. Kim said that I could take her on a trail ride.. Well needless to say I fell head over heals in love with her.. Kim stated that she was intending to sell Misty.. I was heart broken.. I asked her if she would be interested in my pony as a trade... She said YES!! So I traded my slow lesson pony for my "hot head".. I could never be any happier then I am now with the horse I have!!